1. #HITLER #SUPERMAN (at Gotham City Lounge)

  2. 😕 Damn, yal…I was 3 for 5. 🐄 🐖 #jeopardy #iowa

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    Adidas kobe 2

    Looked amazing but were the most unwearable BASKETBALL sneakers of all time. Wore them to ONE practice when I was 16 before I exchanged them for some Iverson’s, which were my go-to as a teen. Looking back, they’d look pretty rad w some of the stuff I wear NOW…eBay!?

  5. "By ridding yourself of all will to influence and impress those around you, you will be able to realize the sweetest of your dreams."

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  8. GAWD. 🙌 (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))

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  10. Kinda looks Like Robert Smith. Not intentional. #boysdontcry